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Meet Terry Brazas
Our 2022 Paul Harris Recipient

 Supporting His Community One “Turkey Feast for 20” At A Time


Terry is A Skagit Valley native. Upon graduating from WSU in 1972 he started a long career in hospitality. From Pullman to Los Angeles and back to the valley, as the sole proprietor of the Farmhouse since 2003, he has always focused on food quality and employee success. Terry says, “You have to be a people person to be successful in the restaurant business.  I have enjoyed 50 years in the hospitality field because of the people. I’ve enjoyed watching young people growing up and developing a solid work ethic (including my own kids). I always tried to provide a safe and positive environment for them to succeed. I also know that this environment carried over to our own success.” Terry expresses appreciation for regular guests, groups and community support during the ups and downs of the restaurant business.


He was active and served as president of the Tulip Festival board for eight years.
Terry also shared his passion for the restaurant industry for six years on both the
advisory board for the Skagit Valley College Culinary Program, as a board
member and officer of the Washington State Restaurant Association, and as
an adjunct faculty member for three years at the WSU Hospitality School.

For 16 years, Terry and his wife Wendy worked with the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society on their annual Skagit Valley Bike Ride and fundraiser. Terry and Wendy gave back to many community groups in the form of gift certificates and a whole lot of “Turkey Feasts for 20”.


Terry’s business survived the ups and downs of the economy and Covid-19. Now it’s time to explore retirement after the successful sale of the Farmhouse in early 2022. He has been a great partner to our Club!


Terry says, “I have loved working with the public and different organizations. Without a doubt Rotary was my most consistent group at the Farmhouse, supporting us week after week through thick and thin. For this I’m eternally grateful.”

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